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..is good. There will be times when you have to convince yourself of this more than ever. Once you do however, it is worth it.I’ve been through this cycle more than I care to admit. Through all my years of traveling and living abroad, you think I would be used to it. The cycle of change. Of Read more

Hello December

Hello Decemberfeatured

Hello there December, where did you come from? This almost makes me sad to say because December is one of my favorite months. I am a true Canadian through and through. I absolutely love the cold and the snow and everything that comes with it. (Minus the dangerous driving but let’s not get into that!)I Read more

Cheers to the weekend

Cheers to the weekendfeatured

I’ve sung the praises of the weekend many times before but here I go again. I love the weekend. I have said before how important time off is. It doesn’t have to be a two week holiday to some tropical destination. Even just taking the time to read a book in your backyard can be Read more