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Hello 2016

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Happy New Year to you all! I always find this time of year very strange. Not necessarily in a bad way but when you should feel like partying and living it up during the Holidays, I always get very thoughtful and introverted. I find myself thinking back on the year and on what I have Read more

The Christmas Tag

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Only 7 days until Christmas! When did that happen? I feel like this year has just been filled with “I can’t believe it’s already..” It has just flown by. I can’t say I’m okay with it BUT that means I will just have to fit in as many Holiday themed posts as I can before Read more

Hello December

Hello Decemberfeatured

Hello there December, where did you come from? This almost makes me sad to say because December is one of my favorite months. I am a true Canadian through and through. I absolutely love the cold and the snow and everything that comes with it. (Minus the dangerous driving but let’s not get into that!)I Read more