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Spring has sprung

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I would like to wish a very (not so) warm welcome to Spring. Now I only say ‘not so’ because it has still been quite chilly here over the past few weeks. Gorgeous and sunny, but still very frosty. As it is still May┬áthis is not a huge surprise and it can actually be really Read more

Country living

Country livingfeatured

Where the living is easy… It’s not too shabby a weekend when the only thing you have to worry about when waking up is “I hope the coffee is made.” These mini-vacations are important and here’s why: it gives you something to look forward to. I’m learning more and more that having something┬áto work towards, Read more

Friday Inspiration

Friday Inspirationfeatured

Coffee truly is the answer to everything. The taste, the smell, its warmness, truly is the epitome of comfort. I personally find that before something stressful a cup of coffee is enough to calm the worst of nerves. Even if you are lucky enough to be waking up in the country for the weekend, and Read more