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Mumford and Sons

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Hey you all! So it has been quite a long time. I took a bit of a hiatus from blogging because tons of exciting stuff has been happening. Well when you’re busy like a bee, time flies and what do you know it, my last blog post was two months ago! I am so sorry. Read more

Hello December

Hello Decemberfeatured

Hello there December, where did you come from? This almost makes me sad to say because December is one of my favorite months. I am a true Canadian through and through. I absolutely love the cold and the snow and everything that comes with it. (Minus the dangerous driving but let’s not get into that!)I Read more

Country living

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Where the living is easy… It’s not too shabby a weekend when the only thing you have to worry about when waking up is “I hope the coffee is made.” These mini-vacations are important and here’s why: it gives you something to look forward to. I’m learning more and more that having something┬áto work towards, Read more