Spring has sprung

Spring has sprungfeatured

I would like to wish a very (not so) warm welcome to Spring.
DSCN0339Now I only say ‘not so’ because it has still been quite chilly here over the past few weeks. Gorgeous and sunny, but still very frosty. As it is still May┬áthis is not a huge surprise and it can actually be really nice. You still get the beautiful sun without the humidity and heat. When I think about it, if all summer was like that, I would be quite the happy camper.DSCN0302So this is my first attempt at a style post. What is that exactly? I’m not sure. I do know I love reading them and gathering inspiration from them and looking at them. I thought why not give it a try. It was quite fun gallivanting around in the sun in my trench coat.DSCN0307And who doesn’t love a trench coat, right? This one is perfect as well because it it still managing to keep me warm during these chilly days but it is not too thick. You better believe it will stay on until it is too hot to stand it.DSCN0304

DSCN0312So I apologize if this is not the best of style posts. Anyone have any suggestions, ideas, inspiration etc..? I would love to hear it. Have a lovely Sunday everybody!


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