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Happy Valentines week everyone!

Now before I begin, let me elaborate by saying that most years the more important part to me about this day is raiding the candy section at my local grocery store and binge watching tv. For me right now it’s all about Luther. Anyone? River? It’s the time of the BBC police drama for me and I am obsessed.

So it was Valentines day and what better subject to talk about than love? Not the love you expect however. Let’s talk about self-love. A subject that is very important to me, as it should be to everyone. It seems like a simple concept, as if it should be something that doesn’t have to be worked at. But it does. It does’t even necessarily have to be about the long haul work (although that is very important as well), but the little things. The little things add up at the end of the day. It’s important to know that YOU are allowed to be happy and YOU are allowed to treat yourself and YOU are allowed to only listen to that little voice within you and nothing else.

Below is a list if things I compiled that I find add up to happiness at the end of the day. They may all seem like small things but they end up making a huge difference:


Never say no to that second cup of coffee in the morning (or third or fourth…)


Indulgence every now and then is very important.


Yes, eating a huge chocolate muffin for breakfast counts.


I bit of a laugh goes a long way.


Discovering a band that makes you feel like you’ve never heard music before.


Or watching a film that makes you escape life for a bit.


Or reading a book that makes you laugh and cry within two pages.


50% off chocolate 😉


Listening to your body and knowing that it’s okay to relax if you need to.


Likewise, saying ‘no’ to things you really just do not want to do.


Making time to do the things that you really love.


Looking back over old photos and realizing how lucky you are.

So they may not seem like much, however once I really started embracing these small things, life started to seem a lot happier and we all want a little more of that don’t we?

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


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