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Hello everyone!

It has been awhile so I guess I should also say that I hope everyone had a lovely Easter. I had a weekend filled with family, food and laughs. And cider. Lots of cider which makes me a very happy gal.DSCN0162It’s a pretty great thing to have Magners in the house. Cider was my drink of choice when I was living in London. (No, I did not have cider for breakfast!) I live in Quebec so there are a lot of Quebec apple ciders out there. They can be lovely but I wouldn’t call them proper English cider. Taking a sip of Magners is like transporting me right back to England. It is amazing how certain tastes or smells can make you feel like you are right back somewhere.

I used to think (for longer than I care to admit) that going on adventures and creating memories wasn’t worth it because they have to end in some way eventually. You leave a city, or you meet people only for a moment and it hurts too much to say good bye. I used to think it was easier to avoid these experiences because I could not deal with the overwhelming sadness.

I have learned however that this is not sadness but nostalgia. And nostalgia is wonderful, you know why? Because it means at one point you were there, you were happy in these moments and with these people and in these places. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to travel back in time through memories.IMG_3909 (1)One of the most important things I’ve learnt is that memories should not be remembered with sadness. You should not try to hide from these feelings but instead, close your eyes and let the joy of nostalgia wash over you. Remember how you felt in these moments and with these people. Remember how lucky you were to be able to experience these adventures. Nostalgia is a beautiful thing.IMG_2706

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