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Happy New Year to you all!

I always find this time of year very strange. Not necessarily in a bad way but when you should feel like partying and living it up during the Holidays, I always get very thoughtful and introverted. I find myself thinking back on the year and on what I have learned. Now in no way do I find this a bad thing. I am all about finding the lessons in life because at the end of the day, that is really all you can do to keep moving forward. So when it comes to the new year, I’m more about the lessons I’ve learned over the past year then about making new resolutions. (Even though I think resolutions are great and keep it up!)

One main thing that I am going to try a lot harder to do in 2016 is to trust my writing. Without realizing it I have kind of been falling behind with my blogging. I can sit here and say that it has a lot do with the busy Holidays and not having enough time, which is partially true. A big part of me however knows that I don’t want to hit the ‘publish’ button until I think the post is absolutely perfect. What is perfect? I know that it will never be perfect. Most writing is not and that’s what makes it beautiful. But it will be mine and I am working a lot harder to be okay with that.enhanced-13593-1395332431-26Your biggest critic is yourself. If you live your whole life afraid of what people may think, or of what people may say, nothing will ever get done. That also means that some of your biggest accomplishments may never get started. Wouldn’t that be tragic?5084c2ec7276c892d5789d6582ab1e74That goes for a lot. Get out there and get it done. Shut the people up who say it’s not possible.If they won’t, just don’t listen to them. It is never about you anyways. And if the loudest voice of doubt is you, do your best to silence it. I know I am.

Happy New Year to you all and I hope 2016 gets started off on a wonderful note!photo

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