Change..featured good.

There will be times when you have to convince yourself of this more than ever. Once you do however, it is worth 1-6I’ve been through this cycle more than I care to admit. Through all my years of traveling and living abroad, you think I would be used to it. The cycle of change. Of not fearing change but embracing 2-4For so long my mind was made up that the grass was always going to be greener on the other side. That there were always better things where I was not. Now I am not saying that is not true. In all my years of travel I found a lot of green grass on the other side. I saw wonderful places, lived in cities that forever have pieces of my heart, and made friends and memories that make me the person I am today.

It has also taught me however that the grass can also be green where you choose to water it. Any new adventure and any place can be wonderful if you choose for it to be.

Because of my new place, I have fallen in love with my own city and I am completely enamoured.IMG_0791So because of this I am planning on revamping my blog. I feel like a tourist in my own city now and I am planning on discovering as many restaurants, shops, and beautiful things as I can. OH! And you better believe I will continue with the recipes. My new kitchen is just asking for it…

Good night and I am off to sit and stare dreamily at my new little space. x

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