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Change..featured good. There will be times when you have to convince yourself of this more than ever. Once you do however, it is worth it.I’ve been through this cycle more than I care to admit. Through all my years of traveling and living abroad, you think I would be used to it. The cycle of change. Of Read more

Mumford and Sons

Mumford and Sonsfeatured

Hey you all! So it has been quite a long time. I took a bit of a hiatus from blogging because tons of exciting stuff has been happening. Well when you’re busy like a bee, time flies and what do you know it, my last blog post was two months ago! I am so sorry. Read more

Spring has sprung

Spring has sprungfeatured

I would like to wish a very (not so) warm welcome to Spring. Now I only say ‘not so’ because it has still been quite chilly here over the past few weeks. Gorgeous and sunny, but still very frosty. As it is still May this is not a huge surprise and it can actually be really Read more

Oh Nostalgia

Oh Nostalgiafeatured

Hello everyone! It has been awhile so I guess I should also say that I hope everyone had a lovely Easter. I had a weekend filled with family, food and laughs. And cider. Lots of cider which makes me a very happy gal.It’s a pretty great thing to have Magners in the house. Cider was Read more

10 things that made me happy this weekend

10 things that made me happy this weekendfeatured

It is very easy to wake up on a Monday morning when the sky looks like this.Recently I read something on one of my ALL time favourite blogs, Cider with Rosie. It was a lovely and simple post about the things that had made her happy over the weekend. I feel I talk a lot about Read more

Mini Lemon Bundt Cakes

Mini Lemon Bundt Cakesfeatured

Easter is just around the corner and t’s one of my favourite times of the year.  Cadbury mini eggs and creme eggs and cakes oh my! It’s a fantastic time for bakers because there’s so much possibility. It’s basically encouraged to make a dessert that’s as sweet and as colourful as can be. So as Read more

Self love

Self lovefeatured

Happy Valentines week everyone! Now before I begin, let me elaborate by saying that most years the more important part to me about this day is raiding the candy section at my local grocery store and binge watching tv. For me right now it’s all about Luther. Anyone? River? It’s the time of the BBC Read more

Pumpkin Oatmeal Muffins

Pumpkin Oatmeal Muffinsfeatured

Who doesn’t love breakfast? I have always been a morning person. Often I feel I’m a minority in a sea of people who love to sleep in until noon on the weekends. I have no trouble getting up early, not even to head out to work bright and early. Why do you ask? Well the promise of coffee and Read more

White Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies

White Chocolate and Cranberry Cookiesfeatured

Cookies. Cookies are my kryptonite. My sister recently went to New York for a weekend and sent me a photo of these CRAZY cookies that were practically the size of her face! I mean, put that in front of me instead of dinner and I would absolutely choose the cookie, every time. So I was Read more

Hello 2016

Hello 2016featured

Happy New Year to you all! I always find this time of year very strange. Not necessarily in a bad way but when you should feel like partying and living it up during the Holidays, I always get very thoughtful and introverted. I find myself thinking back on the year and on what I have Read more