10 things that made me happy this weekend

10 things that made me happy this weekendfeatured

It is very easy to wake up on a Monday morning when the sky looks like this.photo 1Recently I read something on one of my ALL time favourite blogs, Cider with Rosie. It was a lovely and simple post about the things that had made her happy over the weekend. I feel I talk a lot about looking for happiness in the little things but more and more every day I’m realizing the importance AND the benefits in doing this. I love a reminder and her blog  post did just that. So without further ado, here are 10 things that made me happy this weekend:

1. Binge watching Downton Abbey. I have NEVER watched something so fast. It is quite possibly the greatest show ever made. Where is season 5, Netflix?!

2. Being able to put my heavy winter coat away for good (hopefully!)

3. Greasy pizza and fries at 11:00 on Saturday night.

4. Then having cold pizza for breakfast the next morning.

5. Being able to spend the afternoon just getting lost in a book.

6. Finding out Mumford and Sons is coming to Canada and GETTING TICKETS! June cannot come fast enough!

7. Spending a Sunday afternoon baking and drinking tooons of coffee.

8. Discovering a wonderful new song by another favourite band, The Lumineers. Listen to it, it’s beautiful.

9. Having our first Barbecue of the season.

10. Being able to relax and not feeling guilty about it. Relaxation is important and this is something else I am trying to remind myself of daily.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! x

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